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EL Backlight

  • El Light Panel
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    El Light Panel

    2018 Custom Sizes A4 Electroluminescent Cuttable El Light Panel Specifications: Description For our EL backlit products, we have WOWO and POWO. Our white backlight can be Pink OFF White ON and (referred to as POWO) or White ON and White OFF (referred to as WOWO). Please see...
  • Flexible El Backlight
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    Flexible El Backlight

    Description for flexible el backlight: EL backlight is the latest high-tech products, which is of the thinnest, flexible, low power consumption, no heat, even brightness, color and so on. This product has been widely used in the automotive industry, for instance: the car...
  • EL Backlight Numbers
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    EL Backlight Numbers

    Specification for EL Backlight Numbers: Input voltage: DC3V/6V/9V/12V/24V/AC110V/AC220V Output voltage: AC80V-150V Output Frequency: 600HZ-1800HZ Color: White (Main color ). Other colors. Can be according to customer demand Special Customize Thickness: 0.35mm~0.85mm Weight :...
  • El Panel Sheet Backlight
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    El Panel Sheet Backlight

    Specification for el panel sheet backlight: A>.A5=210mmX148.50mm B>.A4=210mmX297mm C>.A3=420mmX297mm D>.A2=420mmX594mm E>.A1=594mmX841mm F>.A0=841mmX1189mm Color: White. Blue. Green. Blue .green.Red...... Input voltage: DC12V/24V/AC110V/AC220V Output...
  • EL Advertising Backlight
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    EL Advertising Backlight

    Main features for EL advertising backlight: A. Types of electroluminescent backlight 2. High-brightness backlight, light and delicate, bent, vivid colors, and easy to use. 3. EL Cuttable customers can cut in DIY Shapes according to their requirement. 4. EL Backlight can be...
  • High Quality EL Backlight
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    High Quality EL Backlight

    High Quality EL Backlight This is a big sheet of flexible plastic coated with EL material so its like one big glowing square. It emits an even aqua glow over the entire shape, and you can even cut it into any shape you want using scissors as long as the connector is still...
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