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How Do People In The Industry View The Development Of The Led Lighting Industry In 2019?

How do people in the industry view the development of the led lighting industry in 2019?

The trade friction between China and the United States continues, and the gloom is not affected. The industry insiders attending the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair 2018 are not as optimistic about the prospects. According to the on-the-spot questionnaire, buyers and exhibitors are cautiously optimistic about the prospects of the lighting market in 2019, but the level of optimism is lower than earlier surveys. Overall, demand from the Asia Pacific region may be the main force driving the growth of lighting sales in the coming year.

In terms of products, LED lighting is the brightest category in the industry. Most of the respondents chose the best-selling lighting products in 2019, especially the LED lighting system with intelligent functions. It is expected to have the largest sales growth in the next two years. The industry believes that as production continues to increase, LED lights will face price pressure in the next three years, and the price should be reduced.