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Talk About What Happened To The Arrival Of Led Motif Lights

Talk about what happened to the arrival of led motif lights

  Led pattern lighting professions have different ways, each company will choose the most suitable way according to its own situation. Which way to choose, there must be a certain connection with the company's corresponding product and company development strategy. For example, in the field of LED downstream applications, many lighting companies are busy rushing to circulate. The traditional way of circulation is not the best way for the profession. As a company, the need to constantly change the concept of the former dealers and manufacturers into a relationship of interest.

      In addition to the five advantages of no mercury, energy saving, material saving, no electromagnetic interference to the environment and no harmful radiation, LED light source has many advantages in the field of lighting, especially in landscape lighting. Such as: low-voltage power supply - no high-voltage link, the cost of insulation is much smaller, high reliability; simple accessories - no starter, ballast or ultra-high voltage transformer; simple structure - the greatest advantage of solid light source, Not inflated, no glass casing, no gas seal problem, impact resistance;

led motif light

Good controllability - fast response time (on the order of microseconds), can be repeated frequently and repeatedly, basically no inertia, no fatigue; pure color - produced by the semiconductor PN junction itself, pure, thick; rich colors - Three primary colors plus digital technology, can evolve any color; lightweight structure - material saving, cost saving; low requirements for luminaire strength and stiffness; - small and small LED luminaire can be seen as composed of LED cells, the smallest LED Only on the order of square millimeters or less; flexible enough - the compactness of the LED light source allows the LED to adapt to decorative lighting requirements of various geometric sizes and different space sizes, such as: points, lines, faces, spheres, different forms, and even Light sculptures of any artistic shape.

 With the advent of the era of led pattern lights, the upgrading of goods has become more agile. The past sales forms are now unable to get used to the current shopping malls. Many small and medium-sized companies have set off a wave of closures, and many large companies have seized the opportunity to conduct mergers and acquisitions and integration. As with other professions, the future capital of the LED lighting profession will be more and more gathered in the oligarchs. It is foreseeable that the mall will shuffle from scratch. In the future, outdoor LED pattern lamp manufacturers will present a lot of annexation acquisitions. At the end of the transition period, the LED pattern lighting profession will present 10 billion companies, and one of the future occupational format division standards will be listed or perhaps 10 billion.