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What Are The Shapes And Characteristics Of The Led Motif Lamp?

What are the shapes and characteristics of the led motif lamp?

Drop type led modeling lamp

If nature is a master of art, it is naturally the most perfect works, such as the shape of water droplets, whether it is raindrops falling from the sky or splashes of water on the ground, can show the perfect shape of the fluid.

There is a cloud-shaped modeling lamp made by Duoguang in the house.

"I am a cloud in the sky, occasionally projected on your heart", Xu Zhimo's classic verse can describe this cloud lamp. Like a cloud of light, floating in a warm home, the large, white cloud shade is a safe and energy-saving LED light source, revealing soft and comfortable light. LED modeling lights or chandeliers can be designed according to requirements. Among them, the floor lamp is drooped with a raindrop-shaped pull switch, and it is like a rain cloud that is about to rain. The flat base of the cloud shape is like the projection of clouds on the lake.

Led modeling lamp

There are a lot of clouds in the market, but they don't quite match their understanding of the clouds. In their own impression, the clouds should be white, soft, and faint in the air. So I designed such a cloud lamp that fits my psychological feelings. There are two forms, one is a floor lamp and the other is a chandelier. The material of the lampshade has been considered a lot, but limited to domestic crafts, PVC white matte or frosted texture paper or cloth may be considered. "Elegant square flame led style light.

Elegant square flame led style light

Remember the drop-shaped led modeling light that was introduced, and the unique shape is unforgettable. Bring the same creative LED modeling lamp, square flame shape, the flaming curved lamp body is made of milky white translucent polyester, and the lamp body has a white LED light source. This LED light can not see the long power cord, LED driver relies on the base rechargeable battery, so it is very suitable for outdoor lighting landscape use, indoors is also a beautiful landscape of fashion home.